A Culinary and Scenic Treat -Swiss Fondue & Lucerne Street Food Festival

With its gorgeous  landscapes and quaint heritage towns, a holiday in Switzerland is a fabulous experience But even more intriguing is it’s  rich culinary diversity. Taking inspiration from the Germans, French and Italians, Switzerland has devised its own variety of mouth watering cuisine,  making it a paradise for foodies.

Swiss Fondue

Enter one of Switzerland’s most prized possessions – The Swiss Cheese. Home to over 450 varieties of cheese, this cheese haven is unparalleled.  People from around the world visit the country to partake of the astoundingly delicious varieties of cheese.

National Cheese Fondue Day & Lucerne Strret Festival
Hotel Adler, Restaurant Swiss-Chuchi

Whether it is dining at high-end restaurants, or indulging in local flavours by picturesque street corners, there is always something new to discover. On this National Cheese Fondue Day (April 11) and at the Lucerne Street Food Festival (April 12-14), those in Switzerland be sure to partake of the irresistible cuisine.


Whether in an open-air restaurant, on a boat, in a streetcar, or the traditional way in a cosy chalet, Zurich’s chefs are very creative when it comes to fondue. Some places in the city for an eclectic food experience are:

Le Dézaley

Le Dézaley Restaurant

Le Dézaley
To experience the best of French-Swiss hospitality, head to the Le Dézaley restaurant in Zurich. Representing the Vaud area in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, this restaurant serves delicious specialty dishes and fine wines from the Suisse-Romande area..


Swiss Chuchi – Hotel Adler

Hotel Adler, Restaurant Swiss-Chuchi
Hotel Adler, Restaurant Swiss-Chuchi

For some of exciting culinary treats head to the Swiss Chuchi hotel at Hotel Adler to sample the traditional ‘Adler House Fondue’. What’s best? During summers, you can sit by the lively streets of Zurich’s Old Town and enjoy the gorgeous weather and food.

Fondue Tram Zurich
Bahnhofstrasse, Fonduetram

Fondue Tram
A ride on the Fondue Tram in Zurich is mind boggling. As you partske of the delicious fondue you can watch the lights of Zurich’s inner city pass by, as the old – timer tram departs trundles through the streets.


Chaesalp Restaurant

Standing at an impressive 61,702 cm above sea level, this one of a kind quaint  restaurant is housed in an ancient cowshed.

Chaesalp Restaurant

Amidst this enchanting alpine hut atmosphere, cheese lovers will find themselves in culinary heaven with over 15 different cheese fondue variations. You can also opt for the “Fondue Fetä” (Fondue Feast), comprising up to eight different types of fondue.


Lucerne Street Food Festival

Lucerne Street Food Festival

Lucerne Street food Festival

Make sure you head down to Lucerne for its 5th edition of the Street Food Festival. With over 50 food stalls and freshly prepared specialties from over 30 countries, your taste buds will literally explode!  Free tasting portions, different themed bars, colourful fairy lights and talented street artists make this event an experience to cherish.




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