A Fine Way to Say You Care-The Secret Speyside Collection


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Secret Speyside Malt

A delightful way to show appreciation to someone you care about is the Secret Speyside Gift Box with a range of handcrafted and premium whiskeys, a toast to uniqueness.

Chivas Brothers’ largest Single Malt Collection to date, the Secret Speyside Collection is a range of fifteen single malt Scotch whiskies, aged from 18 to 30 years old, from four of Speyside’s most elusive distilleries.  By-Priyanka Sippy



Every bottle in Secret Speyside’s sought-after collection is an exclusive blend of a time, and, needless to say, only the best processes to create the finest whiskey. The rich chests contain a finely curated selection of 18-30-year-old blends. Four of Speyside’s most exclusive distilleries, including the vanished distillery of Caperdonich are the chosen ones.The collection consists of three rare Single Malts from each of Glen Keith, Progressive Distillery and Braes of Glenlivet, together with three peated and three unpeated expressions from Caperdonich, which distilled its final Single Malt in 2002, before closing its doors in 2011.

Secret Speyside Malt 30 years

Alan Winchester, a Chivas Brothers Scotch whisky icon with over 30 years of Speyside distilling experience, says “With centuries of rich whisky heritage against a jaw-dropping Scottish landscape, Speyside is the treasure chest of Scotch and brimming with untold stories.


Curating the Collection has been a labor of love for the Chivas Brothers team; its contents have been hand-selected to help shine a light on some seldom-seen distilleries, their rare malts, and unique histories. This world-class selection, demonstrates the breadth of flavor and character that Speyside distilleries can achieve.”

Secret Speyside Malt

Discover some of the hidden malts at the heart of the iconic Speyside region that have seldom been obtainable in the past. Gift it to someone or treat yourself. Single Malt aficionados have a treasure chest to discover!