A Tribute To The Animal Kingdom – Roberto Coin

Baselworld 2018- The Animalier Collection from Roberto Coin- a tribute to the animal kingdom

Having established his own brand in Italy in 1996, Roberto Coin has managed to get a fan following across the globe. Known for creative designs and exclusive craftsmanship, the brand has surpassed all expectations. With some exquisite pieces showcased at Baselworld this year, the brand has outdone itself. The Animalier Collection from master jeweller Roberto Coin delights even as it stuns.the design, quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail, creativity and thought is reflected in each piece in the collection. EE presents the best of the best!

To celebrate the year of the dog in the Chinese Zodiac, the brand  introduced an exquisite cuff this year at Baselworld. In Rose and white gold with enamel, white and black diamonds, it is surprisingly lifelike. This exclusive cuff is sure to turn heads.


Other head turners were-

The Lion Limited Edition ring in yellow gold with diamonds, pink sapphires, black diamonds as eyes and enamel.






The Siberian Tigers Limited Edition, white gold ring with colourles and black diamonds, pink sapphires and the enamel and rose gold bangle with pink sapphires and black diamonds.





A royal piece is the Arabian Horse Limited Edition rose gold bangle with diamonds and onyx.



Endearing pieces included-

The Rabbit Animalier white gold ring with brown diamonds, blue and orange sapphires and natural green garnet.







The Piglet Animalier white gold ring with pink and blue sapphires










The Giraffe Animalier yellow and black gold ring with enamel and black diamonds.




The parrot Animalier Ring in Rose and black gold diamonds, orange, blue, pink and yellow sapphires and natural green garnet rubies





Unique pieces showcased were the Cobra Unique Piece rose gold snake rigid necklace with rubies 



Bull Unique Piece rose with white satin finish gold ring with orange sapphires and onyx





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