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With the hustle and bustle of daily life and harmful free radicals one needs to be doubly careful about their hair and skin. Using creams and lotions that use some key organic products is the way to go. EE went on a search and came up with some really good beauty buys. Take a look!

                  ORGANIC HARVEST

Organic harvest Daily Nourishing Night Cream
Daily Nourishing Night Cream from Organic Harvest
This amazing night cream repairs, moisturizes and slows down the ageing process. Organically soothing, the cream repairs the skin overnight and reduces skin damage.

daily Noris

You wake up with skin that feels nourished and  sleep easy. The key ingredients are aqua, soybean extract, olive plant leaves extract and olive oil in a cream base.

Organic Harvest Under Eye Gel
Under Eye Gel from Organic Harvest
All of us suffer from puffy eyes with today’s super busy lifestyle. A great product you can use is Organic Harvest’s organic under eye gel. This helps reduce under-eye puffiness, reduces fine lines and lightens discoloration around the eye, if any. With key ingredients such as aqua, citrus fruit and sodium PCA, this is a fabulous option.


                             THE BODY SHOP


The Shea Butter range from The Body Shop

Body Shop Shea Butter Shampoo
Known for its rich moisturizing properties Body Shop Shea Butter is nature’s very own miracle solution for any part of your body that needs that extra bit of moisture and nourishment.
The entire range of hair care products from The Body Shop are definitely a must have.

The Shea Butter Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask are fabulous. For dry hair prone to damage, the shampoo gently cleanses without stripping hair of moisture, and the conditioner and hair mask moisturizes and nourishes your hair. Less breakage, no fuzziness and shiny, healthy hair. Go for it!

Body Shop Shea Hair Butter
The Multi-Purpose Shea Butter
This is an all-purpose moisturizer. For intensely dry areas, be it face, body or hair, this wonder product is what you need


Dermafique Cell by Cell

Aqua Cloud Hydrating Crème from Dermafique Cell by Cell
Aqua Cloud Hydrating Crème is an ultra-hydrating cream infused with sea weed extract and a natural oil duo that fortifies the skin barrier and prevents moisture loss. Intensely hydrating, it nourishes and plumps your skin. Aqua Cloud formulated with olive oil and mineral oil gives skin a new-age hydrating experience and repairs damaged skin.

Fighting damaging environmental conditions on a daily basis, it protects the skin from dryness, dullness and ageing.  A moist cream with a cloud like texture that feels almost weightless is a pleasure to apply.

Aqua Cloud has scientifically advanced ingredients which restore, reconstruct and vitalize skin. Dimethicone and demethicone crosspolymer is a silicone derivative that functions as a skin conditioning, film-forming, thickening agent, and texture enhancer. Another ingredient called the, Cyclopentasiloxane is a lubricant and solvent, as it gives a silky and slippery feeling to the touch once applied on the skin.

With our regular feature, Beauty & The Best, EE strives to bring to your notice exceptional products from the best brands. Follow us to discover more!



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