‘DecideAndAct’ Celebrates Peace, Diversity and Ecology

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Squizzy Endless Handshake by d&a Mens Watch

With the launch of their new collection of fascinating and responsible timepieces, Swiss watch brand, DecideAndAct or d&a, proudly present three new lines- Peace Bomb, EcoFlage and Endless Handshake. Launched earlier this year, by Alexander Mehdi Bennouna, the brand boasts of a proud mission- to responsibly craft high quality Swiss watches that help promote, support and preserve peace, diversity and ecology, inspiring people to be the change they want to see in the world. EE’s Priyanka Sippy is proud to feature d&a’s new launches-timepieces that comprise high-quality Swiss Watchmaking and impeccable design, with lines that support causes important for our future.

Squizzy Endless Handshake by d&a


d&a presents watches designed to inspire and promote changemakers for the benefit of a better world with their sustainably sourced 80% 316L recycled stainless steel, PETA certified vegan strap with recycled PET & cactus leather.

Forest EcoFlage by d&a Mens Watch

In partnership with NGOs. The Swiss made timepieces are made with all the savoir-faire, underlined with responsibility as d&a prioritizes the regeneration of the ecosystem and its biodiversity with each pivotal step designed to operate within ecological boundaries.

Designed and made in Switzerland, d&a watches are manufactured using recycled or bio sourced material and renewable energy wherever possible. The watch strap is vegan, made from cactus leather and recycled PET fiber and the packaging, also made of bio sourced materials, is reusable.

Dove Peace Bomb by d&a Mens Watch

The watch case has been designed by Atelier Oi, a multi-awarded design studio in Switzerland, who signed creations for the most prestigious luxury brands.  The strap design is the result of a collaboration with Selman Design in New York, known for their conceptual, minimalist and engaged artwork.

The result is a striking, yet very refined and sophisticated design:

Dove Peace Bomb by d&a

  • The Peace Bomb line reveals three color options illustrating bomb shells and patterns on which doves of peace spread their wings.

Forest EcoFlage by d&a

  • The EcoFlage line features a subtle and sophisticated scenery with animal silhouettes as a statement for protection of nature and its inhabitants.

Squizzy Endless Handshake by d&a

  • The Endless Handshake celebrates diversity with a colorful variety of hands shaking in a creative interpretation of the Burlington pattern. The Powertech movement from Ronda, with its reliability and low energy consumption, completes this highly admirable and classy collection of timepieces.

“To protect and promote a rich and diverse world, we need to go beyond green design”, says CEO Alexander Mehdi Bennouna. “If a watch says something about you, it should be what you really care about!”