Transcending Eras- Fabergé Enchants with Emeralds


 About a Brand -Jewelry- by Priyanka Sippy

Faberge Emerald ring


The May birthstone is the emerald, a stone associated with fertility. rebirth, hope and love. With a world torn apart by a crisis that transcends borders, these are words that resonate with a new meaning. Ancient Romans, it has been stated, have dedicated the emerald to Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty.


Fabergé has collaborated with Gemfields, a leading supplier of responsibly sourced colored gemstones, to create some magnificent pieces of jewelry. The 500-million-year-old emeralds are mined from their Kagem Mine in Zambia, the world’s largest emerald mine, owned in partnership with the government of Zambia. The master jeweller traces its roots back to the 1800’s when the foundation was laid for one of the most renowned jewelry houses in the world, in 1842, by Gustav Fabergé.


Some breathtaking pieces from their emerald collections have been handpicked by EE to showcase in our About a Brand-Jewelry feature this week. All of the pieces trace their roots to the original creations by the House. Take a walk through history and prepare to be enchanted.


Foliage Emerald Earrings

Faberge Emerald Gemfields Earnings


Part of the Fabergé capsule collection, these stunningly designed earrings tell a story all their own. Reaching back to the rich legacy of the brand, these are a work of art originating from Fabergé’s original designs. The design is sheer magic, with a cascading foliage pattern of these handpicked emeralds that are enchanting and reminiscent of a rich and lush forest of lore. The Foliage Emerald Earrings feature Gemfields Zambian emeralds and round white diamonds, set in 18 karat white gold.


The Fabergé Empress Emerald Ring


This ring is part of the Three Colours of Love collection, where the stunning gemstones are chosen for their exceptional color, cut, clarity and character. This collection honors exceptional lifetime events and unforgettable moments. The Fabergé Empress Emerald Ring is set in 18 karat white gold and boasts of a single sugarloaf Zambian emerald enhanced by 74 brilliant cut white diamonds.


Fabergé Empress Emerald Necklace

Faberge Emerald Necklace

Part of the Colors of Love Collection, the Empress Emerald Necklace is a showstopper. Breathtakingly gorgeous, set by experts and flawless in every way, the House has really created a masterpiece. Classic, yet contemporary, spectacular yet demure, the necklace makes a stunning style statement. The Fabergé Empress Emerald Necklace is set in 18 karat white gold and bejeweled with 10 sugar loaf Zambian emeralds and 723 brilliant cut white diamonds that absolutely mesmerize.


Impératrice Emerald Tassel Pendant


The Fabergé Imperial Collection is inspired by the jeweled grandeur of the Imperial Romanov Court and has a distinct Russian flavor attached to it. The Impératrice Emerald Tassel Pendant is resplendent and features the famous Fabergé egg, sized 26mm. This Opulent collection with 33 round emeralds, 326 round white diamonds and 199 emerald beads, is set in 18 karat white gold, it hangs on an18k white gold gem-set chain of 70cm. This unique pendant will turn heads.


Magnificence redefined, each of these are a piece de resistance and will make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day too, with the House taking online orders and undertaking to  deliver anywhere in the world.