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Art comes in various forms and we at EE strive to bring you the best from the design world. We zeroed in on these outstanding pieces of art that can be functional in any home, whilst adding a dramatic dash of creativity and beauty. Daring, imaginative and brilliant, these pieces are for those who live life on the edge.
Take a look and fall in love….By Priyanka Sippy

The Metamorphosis Console Table by Boca Do Lobo

metamorphosis console boca do lobo


This exceptional and imaginative piece by Boca Do Lobo is mind boggling and sure to leave your guests impressed. The imaginative and thought-provoking Metamorphosis console table symbolizes the evolutionary history of life, representing the last stage of the cycle by using sculpted fossils visible at the top of the table. This Console boasts the usage of handmade techniques such as hammering and polishing, by some of the best craftsmen in the country. Strong geometric design is coupled by two brass plated feet with casted brass details. The Metamorphosis Console comprises a top and base finished in polished inox and brass adorned with golden creatures. Two brass plated feet with casted brass details add the finishing touches to this exceptional piece. Decorative elements are in gold plated brass.Made of gold-plated brass, casted brass, polished inox and wood, this table is easy to maintain and need to be wiped with a dry cloth.

An exceptional work of art for those who have a taste for limited edition pieces and conceptual designs.


Jackson Floor Lamp by DelightFULL

Delightfull Jackson Floor Lamp

Michael Jackson is one of the greatest icons of all times., his success stupendous and his music unforgettable. He is the inspiration that led to the esoteric Jackson Floor Lamp. DelightFULL’s designers decided to pay a tribute to this remarkable performer, by designing one magnificent piece that personifies rhythm, exposed mechanical elements, and luxury, imbibing inspirations for the 80s.

Jackson Floor Lamp Delightfull

This tripod floor lamp is the seamless spin from mid-century design classics to a tribute to pop culture. Custom made, the body is brass with the shades in brass and aluminum and features three lamp shades with matte black and gold-plated finishes and red textile wires for that dramatic touch.Point the lamps where you will and light up your room.

Jackson Floor Lamp

Dramatic, funky and functional, this piece is a winner.

Serpentine Chandelier from Koket

Koket serpentine chandelier-1


This arresting chandelier by Koket leaves you speechless.  Inspired by Medusa, who in Greek Mythology,wasa monster, a Gorgon, this is one stunning piece of art.Described as a winged human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair, anyone who glanced upon Medusa’s face would turn to stone.

Koket serpentine-chandelier

Structured by curving serpent forms, redolent of Medusa’s multifaceted image of intoxication, solidification and ensnaring attractiveness, the Serpentine Chandelier is sure to beguile all those who lay eyes on it. The serpents are made of black nickel with a high gloss finish. The lamp shades are in luxurious satin from the Koket textile collection and the detailing of the broken gold leaf is exquisite.

serpentine chandelier Koket

The structure has options in gold, nickel or black nickel, with a high gloss or a matte finish, and the lamp shade can be any fabric from the Koket textile collection. Detailing can be gold, silver or copper leaf. The Chandelier can be cleaned by using a dry or slightly damp soft cloth, followed by polishing with a dry soft cloth.

For those who dare, this dramatic chandelier is a signature style statement.