This one is for keeps….Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co.’s Infinia collection captures the impassioned feeling of falling in love and encapsulates it in everlasting form. Perfect for everyday wear,  in smaller sizes the earrings can be your everyday accessory. Add drama and style to your evening look with larger sizes in earrings and that WOW factor with the cocktail ring in a choice of precious stones to suit your mood.  Choose emeralds , rubies or go magically white with just diamonds in various cuts, The array of designs and styles is stunning. The collection is vibrant,  vivacious and deliciously alive. Classic Jacob &Co. , don’t give the collection a miss cause this one’s for keeps!
The Infinia Collection is a perfect gift, seal your love with earrings and rings from the collection, it makes a perfect anniversary gift or just  a way to say  ‘I Love You’…
Available in marquise cut rubies, white diamonds, or emeralds, interwoven with round cut white diamonds, the Infinia collection is reflective of the universal symbol for “infinity,” from which it draws its name. The deep color and timeless nature of the stones, combined with the collection’s circular designs, symbolize a cycle of endless infatuation – an infinite love that lasts forever. Set in 18k white gold, the Infinia collection features heirloom-quality earrings and rings in large and small sizes

 18K White Gold Infinia Collection Small Size Earrings with 16.22ct Marquise Cut Rubies, 6.97ct Round Cut Diamonds

    18K White Gold Infinia Collection Ring with 12.77ct Marquise Cut Rubies and 4.99ct Round Cut Diamonds.

18K White Gold Infinia Small Size Earrings with 10.38ct Marquise Cut Diamonds & 7.78ct Round Cut Diamonds.

18K White Gold Infinia Collection Ring with 8.47ct Marquise Cut Diamonds and 5.76ct Round Cut Diamonds.

18K White Gold Small Size Earrings with 10.00ct Marquise Cut Emeralds, 6.97ct Round Cut Diamonds.

18K White Gold Infinia Collection Ring with 8.54ct Marquise Cut Emeralds and 5.69ct Round Cut Diamonds.



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