Lessons in Luxury – LLW The excitement continues

LLW Luxury lifestyle Weekend

After the success of the LLW 2019, and two years of sustained excellence, the Luxury Lifestyle Weekend continues to be a hot topic of discussion. Here is an overview from young writer Disha Mirchandani, who gives us her take after an in depth conversation with Kunal Avanti, Co-Founder, LLW.

Luxury Lifestyle Weekend 2019 which took place a few weeks ago at the beautiful Jio Gardens at BKC was the second edition of the event, which was the brainchild of event management company Magnanimous Group.

LLW Luxury Lifestyle Weekend

As with most successful ventures, LLW 2019 was undoubtedly the bigger, bolder and better cousin of LLW 2018 and the event demonstrated a maturity and finesse that only comes with taking into account the lessons learned through previous iterations.

LLW Luxury lifestyle Weekend

I had the opportunity to catch up with the dynamic Kunal Avanti, one of the co-founders of Luxury Lifestyle Weekend. Over a cup of coffee, he gave me insights on what went into the meticulous planning and flawless execution of LLW 2019

The first edition of LLW in 2018 established the show as the very first of its kind in India. A luxury brand showcase that represented the very best from the world of beauty, fashion, automobiles, jewellery and watches, coupled with curated fine dining experiences, spirits and wine and accompanied by world-class entertainment, this year, LLW raised the bar even higher.


According to Kunal, perhaps the biggest lesson arising out of LLW 2018 was the need to create a suitable platform for extremely high-end luxury brands to co-exist comfortably with smaller, homegrown brands which focus on sustainability. As a dedicated vegan and avid animal-lover, this in particular was extremely important to Kunal on a personal level as well. The Conscious Capsule, in association with the Lighthouse Co. at LLW this year, where environmentally and socially conscious brands were able to showcase their products is an element that he is extremely proud of, and it is one that he hopes to replicate, and enhance further in future versions of LLW.

LLW Luxury Lifestyle Weekend

Another takeaway from the 2018 show that Kunal and the entire LLW team worked hard to incorporate this year was to make the entire weekend a more interactive and immersive experience for the guests. An olfactory experience by Royal Salute and extraordinary interactive art exhibits by artists the likes of Lekha Washington, whose ‘Wind in my Hair’ and ‘Dot Chair’, were amongst the highlights of the event. An exclusive fashion show – JADE by MK, sundowners, brunches and high teas rounded out the showcase. The show also provided a platform for consumers to purchase products, which was an additional benefit, and despite the exclusive nature of LLW, the focus this year was on making it a more inclusive experience overall.

Luxury lifestyle Weekend LLW

Implementing the lessons learned last year was not without its challenges and Kunal was compelled to deal with the dynamic nature of the luxury market as well as the emergence of new brands, each promising newer and bigger things. It was also definitely a challenge to maintain the extremely high standards set by LLW 2018 and to exceed expectations and recreate an atmosphere of elegance and luxury while ensuring a substantial ROI for participating brands and a more wholesome experience for consumers.

Overall, LLW 2019 saw an almost 100% increase in the number of brands, which represented 10 categories in the luxury and lifestyle space. Almost all the brands which participated at LLW 2018 returned to be a part of the event this year, which is a testament to its success.

LLW Luxury lifestyle Weekend


As a final question, I asked Kunal about his plans for the future of LLW, and how all the cumulative lessons from 2018 and 2019 will impact the show going forward. In response, Kunal said, “Primarily, I hope to be able to continue the show as a multi-category event, and that it is essential to LLWs success that we, as organizers, choose the right partners, who mirror our values and mindset.”



Here’s wishing Kunal Avanti and the entire team at Magnanimous and Luxury Lifestyle Weekend every success for LLW 2020 and beyond, and to those young entrepreneurs looking for a way to achieve their own success, there is no shortcut, the only way to the top is through old-fashioned hard work.

LLW Luxury lifestyle Weekend



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