Paul Smith Makes The cut With The New Men In Black Collection


Paul Smith and MIB - Agent M and Agent H
Em (Tessa Thompson) and H (Chris Hemsworth) in Columbia Pictures’ MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL.

Suave Secret Agents attired in Paul Smith’s signature bespoke tailoring, are a treat for sore eyes and reason enough to go watch Men In Black. Accompanying his bespoke tailoring designs for various Men in Black. More good news- Paul Smith has created a capsule collection of apparel and accessories featuring a host of aliens and icons from the film.

Chris Hemsworth (H) with Em (Tessa Thompson) in Marrakech in Columbia Pictures’ MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL.

“A Suit To Travel In,” which comes in black and is lined with colorful alien characters from the film with a button on each jacket cuff detailed with the circular logo of Men in Black: International, which is debuted in the new film, is already creating waves. There’s something for men, women and ids, so no one is left out! To accompany the suits, a wide variety of accessories were created that include recognizable Paul Smith designs infused with icons from the franchise. Accessories include:

Paul Smith and MIB - Black Tie

  • A black tie with a repeated sunglass graphic.
  • A pocket square and a lightweight scarf that come with a colorful motif featuring a host of alien characters.

Paul Smith cuff links


  • A money clip and cufflinks that all feature the new Men in Black logo.
  • Socks in four bold colors with alien motifs embroidered above the ankle.
  • An alien print leather wallet and iPhone case.
paul Smith
Paul Smith on set of Columbia Pictures’ MEN IN BLACK: IN TERNATIONAL.

To complete the collection, Paul has embellished the signature charm shirt – the ideal partner for “A Suit to Travel In” – by replacing the traditional buttons with sunglasses, aliens and Men in Black logo charms.Additionally, casual pieces in the collection include an alien print hoodie and sweatshirt, plus a refined polo shirt.

Paul Smith Men In Black


In collaboration with costume designer Penny Rose, he has designed custom pieces for five of the agency’s most illustrious men and women in black, as well as outfitting the wider cast of crime-fighters. They have designed tailoring for Agents H and M. Agent H challenges the constrictions of the Men in Black uniform with a colorful lining (a known feature of Paul Smith tailoring) and a pair of Paul Smith signature stripe socks that give an irreverent finish. Agent M wears a two-button double breasted trouser suit. Both suits are made in Paul Smith’s “A Suit To Travel In” cloth, an all-wool cloth that has natural crease resistance, making the tailoring perfectly suited to keep the agents looking flawless whilst travelling through space and time.

Fans should also look out for Paul when they watch Men in Black: International, as he makes an appearance in the film.

Exciting, trendy and fun, the New Capsule Collection from Paul Smith definitely makes the cut!



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