The New Raider Bathy 120 MemoDepth by Favre Leuba

The New Raider Bathy 120 MemoDepth

Favre Leuba New Raider Bathy 120 MemoDepth Watch

Favre-Leuba Bathy was the first wristwatch with a membrane and a central hand that made it possible to measure depth more accurately. The original Bathy was a milestone in mechanical instrument watches and is a much sought-after collector’s piece today. The year 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Bathy – the perfect time to pave the way for a new legend. The new  Favre Leuba Raider Bathy 120 MemoDepth is inspired by the principle of form following function, with a clear and timeless design that perfectly combines the traditional with the contemporary. The case is crafted from titanium and, with its 48 mm diameter, guarantees perfect readability. Its functionality and materials have not merely been improved upon – they have set a new standard. The case design is a homage to its popular predecessor and is complemented by bold, functional colors and striking, easy-to-read hands.

Favre Leuba new Raider Bathy 120 MemoDepth Watch

What is truly fascinating about the depth gauge is the way it works, as it turns one of the established rules of watchmaking completely on its head. Never let water get inside of a watch? Quite the opposite. The new Bathy features apertures in the case back that actually invite water inside. It may sound crazy, but it isn’t: these openings are part of the depth gauge, which is hermetically separated from the movement. The concept is based on the compression of a specially designed membrane that is integrated into the case back. Water enters a separate chamber in the case back through the apertures, causing the membrane to compress as the pressure increases. A mechanical contact sensor inside the watch reacts to this compression and conveys the information via the hand of the depth gauge, which shows the dive depth on a nonlinear display via a central hand on the dial. Dive depths up to 120 m can be measured extremely precisely.



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