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Show stealer at Salone del Mobile 2015. Fendi’s inimitable creation, The Armchair of Thousand Eyes, grabbed eyeballs. The first ever fashion house that cat walked the Great Wall of China, the Roman maison, bore her trademark passion for things handmade. energy and excellence in each of 1he over 100 Bag Bugs for their latest work of art. These unique pieces in vibrant hues with intriguing expressions reaffirmed it being at the helm as a pioneer in the world of design. Fendi has been supporting limited edition creativity and design since 2008 through its partnership with Design Miami in Miami, Milan and Basel. In line with their commitment, the design house has collaborated with the Campana Brothers tD assemble these
eye catchers






Blending the markedly surrealist aesthetic of the Brazilian designers• lexicon and the ironic flair of Fendi Bag Bugs. ‘The Armchair Of Thousand Eyes as well as the previous pieces from this collaboration reawaken a sense of wonder. There is a palpable sense of amazement to the funny approach to experimentation which has always distinguished Fendi’s research in the fur industry



“I have known and followed Fernando and Humberto Campana for several years now. We share the same passion for creativity and lave for Brazil, which also originally inspired me for the Bag Bugs. It has come therefore quite naturally to me to think of than for this armchair, as well as for their use of objects in such unexpected ways. I simply loved it!”…SILVIA VENTURINI FENDI

Q: What does Fendi mean to you?
A: Fendi stands for heritage and elegance. It represents the love for craftsmanship, the passion for creation. the handmade           and tailoring fostering the highest quality and obsession for details.


Q: What do you think you have in common with Fendi?
A: We share the same passion for the handmade workmanship and avant-garde creativity. The way we have transformed              simple materials in elegant and refined creations is unique

Q: How did the idea of this work come about?
A: When I saw the Bag Bugs. these Fendi little monster charms, for the very first time, I thought that they would be perfect for       creating a striking chair. One year later it is exactly what has happened, thanks to Silvia VentW’ini Fendi who involved me         in this project It was perfect! Like the universe conspiring in my favor.

Q: How has the collaboration with Fendi been?
A: It has been amazing I have learnt a lot during this collaboration. The care for details, the way FENDI approaches the                design is a sort of school for me. It’s a very clever approach to work and it belongs to our way of thinking of craftsmanship.

Q: Can you tell us about your previous collaborations with Fendi?
A: Our collaboration two years ago resulted in geometric shapes made of fur. It was fun and interesting as a single cut can             create very different shapes.

Q: How do you combine the use of simple and poor Q materials with collaborations with luxury houses like Fendi?
A: What is really important for me is to rediscover traditions that have disappeared. We are interested in materials too. from           the poor to the more precious ones, but what is really important is to convey om vision of a person who lives in a new                world. Brazil is only 500 years old; we 1ry to convey this through a fresh dimension to craftsmanship.

Q: How do you and Fernando work together? Do you always work in synergy? How does the identity of each other emerge?
A: I’m more hands on, more practical, while Fernando is more creative. I always 1ry to translate his creativity into real                     products. We have a common dialogue in order to create each piece. We really work in synergy

Q: How do you combine creativity, craftsmanship and savoir faire?
A: Savoir-faire to me really means working with hands. It is a pleasure for me; I guess this is the perfect combination.Silvia            Venturini Fendi was inspired by tropical birds she saw during a trip to Brazil for the creation of the Bag Bugs.

Q: How much your being Brazilian inspires your creative search?
A: Brazil plays an important role in our creative process, because we want to convey the tradition, the nature, the Brazilian             people way of living through our works. We also have an Italian DNA, because our grandparents come from Tuscany and         other cities like Rovigo and Ferrara. Therefore we really embody this blend between Italian and Brazilian roots.


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