Stunningly Complicated- Jacob & Co’s Astronomia Casino

Weekly Watch-by Priyanka Sippy

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino

Jacob & Co’s new Astronomia Casino is a compelling timepiece that is both artistic and technologically brilliant. From a company that awes its patrons time and time again, this new timepiece will cap it for them. A brilliant example of haute horlogerie, get ready to be astounded by this wily timepiece.

jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino

Featuring a fully-functional roulette wheel beneath the sapphire crystal domed case, the watch stuns. The wheel is running, made of rose gold with strips of green red and black enamel, and can be set in motion by a button at the 7 o’clock position. The latest in the company’s celestial themed watches, this can be personalized by placing a mother-of-pearl insert on the owner’s lucky number. The signature aventurine circle on the watch base is reminiscent of the celestial theme. A first of its kind, this high complication timepiece allows its owners to play a game of chance at any time they fancy. The ease of operating it belies the fact that the entire process of creating it took over a year.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino


The JCAM29A caliber comprises the Astronomia “vertical caliber”, with a four-arm arrangement. One arm comprises the double-axis tourbillon, one has a magnesium lacquered globe, one a Roman numeral time display, and finally, an arm that flaunts a 1ct 288-facet Jacob Cut diamond. All of these this inhabit an impressive 28mm-thick case in 18K rose gold and sapphire crystal.The size is 47mm with a thickness of 27.9mm, with a power reserve of 60 hours and water resistance of 30 meters. The watch is a limited edition of 88 pieces.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino

The double axis tourbillon counteracts the effects of gravity on the caliber’s mobile components, as the cage rotates in 60 seconds, while the tourbillon completes a full rotation round the watch’s central axis in ten minutes. All of this above the fully-working roulette table.

For fans of a high complication, novelty watch, Jacob & Co’s new Astronomia Casino will ace your collection.