The Balancing Act – Life & Style

Things have certainly been challenging all round and the global pandemic has us all in a frenzy. From lockdowns to fake news to panic at the numbers worldwide has the most robust souls in a panic. Hold tight and let it tide over. While we face these challenging times, here are ten ways for you to keep calm, safe and sane during this extremely trying time. Six out of ten is a good score!- By Priyanka Sippy

  1. Exercise

Exercise yoga

Exercise is a great way to release endorphins, yes those much-needed happy hormones. Fix a routine that you can follow religiously and stick to it. If you have access to an open space, a terrace, building compound, or a walking path your own neighborhood- a brisk walk will do wonders. Skipping, light weights and running are all great ways to burn calories and get you feeling fit and happy. Yoga is wonderful too, and is advantageous for the mind and body. Don’t forget the after walk stretches!

2. Cook

Healthy Cooking

Hone up your cooking skills. The produce available at stores is top quality and your home menu can offer fine dining options to you and your loved ones. Baking up a storm is nice too! It’s a great way to bond with family and a beautiful meal to look forward to is a wonderful way to unwind, stay healthy and keep busy.

3. Read

Catch up on your reading! Books have a way to engage your mind that no other medium really can. Curl up in your favorite spot and transport yourself to a faraway land. Rediscover classics or read a new genre. Kindle has a fantastic variety, though paperbacks with a hot cuppa are my kind of reading experience.

4. Learn

With many online courses available, some of them free, this is a fabulous opportunity to master a new skill. From marketing communication, creative writing, even computer science courses from reputed universities, the choice is awesome. Take your pick.

5. Network

Attend a webinar. These are a great way to meet new people, network and stay knowledgeable and up to date at a time when you can be feeling isolated. Various types of discussions across genres are a great platform for professionals to engage with like minded peers.

6. Write

Discover the writer in you! Writing is a terrific way to destress. Unleash the budding poet or writer that you never knew existed in you. After all, poetry is food for the soul. It’s a satisfying way to channel your creative juices.

7. Create

Create through art. Painting, pottery, sculpture, paper craft, are some satisfying ways to create beautiful objects that are pleasing to the eye and brighten up your space. This can be a solitary or a group activity with family. Fun and creativity are a great mix!

8. Garden

Gardening is a beautiful skill to master. Planting seeds and creating a vegetable or flower garden is a useful and resourceful pastime. Patience in plenty and time on your hands is required for a successful home garden venture. For those with green thumbs, this is your chance!

9. Movies

Create a wish list and set up a movie date at home with family. Popcorn and chips with milkshakes can go a long way. Make this a regular activity, and everyone gets a turn choosing what to watch!

10. Work

Last, but not the least, Work. Work is as important as the air we breathe. Making time for our professional demands is the key to staying on top of things. Work from home and hang in there. Create your work space and make sure that you are productive and on top of things professionally.