Breaking Boundaries- The Majesty Clutch Bag from Faberge

Editor’s Pick

Presenting the Fabergé Majesty Clutch Bag, an unparalleled masterpiece, stunning, precious and a veritable work of art. This is the first wearable object of its kind created by Fabergé since 1917, and delights in its celebration of the glamour and glory of the House’s rich heritage in a contemporary design. Available to view by private appointment only, further enhances the exclusivity and sheer magic of this pièce de resistance. It won hands down in the race to Editor’s Pick this month. There are clutches and then there’s a Fabergé, discovers Priyanka Sippy.

The Faberge Majestic Clutch Bag

Sleek, sophisticated and avant-garde, this edgy and imaginative creation has been created from carved rock crystal, carved natural turquoise and teal blue signature guilloché enamel. Set in 18k yellow, white and rose gold the exquisite clutch is decked with an assembly of gemstones, including diamonds, pearls, yellow and pink sapphires, tsavorite garnets and Gemfields Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds. The exceptional combination of materials plays with both color and transparency, resulting in a fascinating accessory that exhilarates and excites.

The Majesty Clutch Bag is a modern take on Fabergé’s trademark approach of taking unconventional and delicate materials and elevating them to new statures. The beautifully scalloped edges add a gentleness to the transparent rock crystal, which also features fine scroll-like engraving, punctuated with colorful gemstones. The pulsating carved turquoise in the center adds additional texture, framed by striking teal guilloché enamel and pavé white diamonds. Decorative motifs, which radiate out from the center, are set with tsavorite garnets and white diamonds to add an elaborate detail against the simplicity of the rock crystal. A cut-out gold egg serves as the clasp, which opens the clutch – a subtle affirmation to the famed Imperial Easter Eggs.

Fabergé is renowned for their ability to include surprises and unanticipated details within creations, which usually only the wearer is aware of. The Majesty Clutch Bag is a spiritedly transformable design that can change from day to night with ease via the detachable wrist strap, which can be worn alone as a bangle, and the pearl, ruby and emerald tassel, which can be detached from the bag and worn as a pendant.

The Faberge Majestic Clutch bag

This clutch bag takes its inspiration from Fabergé’s archives, as well as from the ‘Crystal Palace’, which housed The Great Exhibition of 1851. Designed by the architect Sir Joseph Paxton, it was a remarkable construction formed from a network of iron rods supporting walls of clear glass.

In the conception of this exceptional piece, particular attention was paid to historical Fabergé evening bags and intricately decorated fans. Peter Carl Fabergé created a number of gold or silver-gilt mesh bags with solid frames from 1908 to 1917. Working with different colors of gold was something that Peter Carl Fabergé pioneered, and the combination of yellow, white and rose gold in this new piece continues this legacy.

Majestically enamoring.