Time Worth Cherishing- Carl F. Bucherer and IGNIV Pave the Way


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Cherish the time you have and value each moment with the people you love. This philosophy is simple and profound and one that makes a wonderfully positive impact on the  lives of people.In our quest to bring our readers news that is both outstanding and unique, we came across a wonderful partnership that stands out for its innovativeness and quality of thinking.

Manero AutoDate LOVE (PPR/Carl F. Bucherer)

Taking this wonderful thought process of cherishing time with loved ones to another dimension, Carl F. Bucherer has tied up for a pioneering and brilliantly unique partnership with culinary experts, IGNIV. Four exclusive restaurants in four eclectic locales, Bad Ragaz, St. Moritz, Zurich, and Bangkok, that serve up the most scintillating cuisine, are managed by IGNV’s four teams. Get ready for some precious together time that can be savored, says Priyanka Sippy

SCHWEIZ CARL F. BUCHERER PARTNERSCHAFT IGNIV Sivio Germann wearing the Manero Flyback by CFB. (KEYSTONE/Carl F. Bucherer/Thomas Buchwalder)

Joint Principles

How does the art of watchmaking find a common ground with exquisite cuisine? Excellence, passion, innovation, and high precision are the basis of all extraordinary creations in both Haute Horlogerie and Haute Cuisine.


And there is more that unites Carl F. Bucherer and IGNIV: their new partnership focuses on the aspect of shared time and the multicultural spirit that is deeply preserved in the corporate principles of both brands. Now, this connection is also reflected on the wrists of the four IGNIV teams based in Bad Ragaz, St. Moritz, Zurich, and Bangkok, respectively.

SCHWEIZ CARL F. BUCHERER PARTNERSCHAFT IGNIVPerpared for the next culinary journey: IGNIV Head Chefs Daniel Zeindlhofer, Marcel Skibba and Silvio Germann. (KEYSTONE/Carl F. Bucherer/Thomas Buchwalder)


The four head chefs, Silvio Germann, Marcel Skibba, Daniel Zeitlhofer, and David Hartwig, and the four sommeliers, Francesco Benvenuto, Giuseppe Lo Vasco, Ines Triebenbacher, and Marco Franzelin, are now official friends of the brand, and join the CFB family. “The culinary concept of IGNIV gives a whole new meaning to the concept of savoring the moment. As a watch manufacturer that has always been infused with a cosmopolitan spirit, we are especially proud to contribute a piece of watchmaking excellence ‘Made of Lucerne’ to the culinary journey of the teams and their restaurant guests,” comments Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer, on the new partnership. Visitors to the four restaurants will now get to witness the worldwide zeitgeist of Carl F. Bucherer.


Swiss Roots with a Global Footprint

Time worth Savoring: Manero Flyback by CFB. (KEYSTONE/Carl F. Bucherer/Thomas Buchwalder)SCHWEIZ CARL F. BUCHERER PARTNERSCHAFT IGNIV

The name of the restaurant chain comes from the Rhaeto-Romanic word ‘igniv’ meaning ‘nest’. It embodies the company’s wish for its patrons to feel at home in its restaurants. Unparalleled warmth with an outstanding atmosphere by Spanish interior designer Patricia Urquiola created exclusively for IGNIV, makes it an ideal place to spend a few hours of awesomeness. The company completes this experience with its sharing tactic in its four extraordinary restaurants. Guests need not adhere to a traditional order of courses. Instead, they are presented a Fine Dining Sharing Experience comprising up to 30 components served at their table in numerous bowls. All IGNIV restaurants – i.e. at the Grand have an enjoyable time and infused themselves on the openness that joins the IGNIV family to the Lucerne manufacturer. Both establishments are at home all over the world, yet have their roots in Switzerland.

Time worth Savoring: Manero Flyback by CFB. (KEYSTONE/Carl F. Bucherer/Thomas Buchwalder)

Ines Triebenbacher, the sommelier and restaurant manager at IGNIV Zurich, elucidates: “Just like Carl F. Bucherer’s 130 years of watchmaking excellence impresses customers all over the world, we want to provide our guests with an extraordinary experience wherever they visit us, be it in Switzerland or Bangkok.”

IGNIV Zurich Sommelier and restaurant manager Ines Triebenbacher wearing Manero LOVE by CFB. (KEYSTONE/Carl F. Bucherer/Thomas Buchwalder)

The teams wear pieces from the Manero Flyback collection, created expressly for the high expectations of contemporary, urban life, as well as other timepieces from the Carl F. Bucherer range. The sophisticated chronographs come in a classy 43-millimeter case with a flyback function allowing their wearers to reset and restart the timer immediately. The movement is state of the art CFB 1970 automatic movement, the working of which can be viewed through the sapphire crystal case back – a direct opposite of theof the IGNIV kitchens, where the culinary experts perform their magic behind the scenes.