Touka Vase – Work of Art by Wedgwood

Wedgwood brings to you a exclusive handcrafted piece of Japanese craftsmanship, the  limited edition Hitomi Hosono Touka Vase costing USD $ 85,000.

Touka Vase by Wedgwood

The exquisite Blue Pierced Vase is formed in the shape of a ‘Bonbori’ or Japanese paper lantern used to celebrate the Japanese Doll Festival. The smooth duck egg blue surface is generously scattered with delicate hand applied white ceramic Chrysanthemums, Hitomi’s favorite flower, in a variety of sizes and intricate designs. Some of these bas relief flowers incorporate pierced elements in their petals allowing light to show through as with a night lantern. Hitomi’s Japanese title for this piece is ‘Touka’ meaning flower being seen through or transparent flowers.

Hitomi Hosono Touka Vase by Wedgwood


The skilled artisans at Barlaston use ancient skills and their years of training to meticulously create the items in this collection. Each individual Touka piece is cast to create the shape ready for ornamenting and piercing. Three different sizes of chrysanthemum are used, with 94 intricate individual ornament applications by the skilled ornamentors. Forty separate ornaments are then delicately pierced by hand after application, allowing light to shine through. Offered as a limited edition of only 5 pieces and taking just under 4 hours to produce, each Touka vase is a truly inspirational piece of art.

Hitomi Hosono touka Vase

Every piece is hand-crafted at Barlaston as a highly limited-edition collectible item and artifact with an impress bearing Hitomi’s Japanese signature, the Wedgwood stamp and limited-edition number.

This word of Art will occupy the place of pride in the living room and will surely be the focus of attention for all the visitors.



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