Triumph’s Rocket III Roaster

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Triumph Motorcycles, the iconic British motorcycle Manufacturer, believes in making legends, and it seems they took it quiet literally when they introduced the Rocket III Roadster. It’s a bike with no-holds barred tough nut that separates the men from the boys.

The Rocket HI Roadster is a 3 cylinder Goliath of a engine, with a 221nm of torque. Propelled by world’s biggest production engine, a massive 2,294cc, liquid cooled, DOHC, In-Line 3-cy1inder unit that delivers an impressive 221Nm of torque at 2,750rpm. The Engine is paired with an agile chassis, a rigid Tubular steel frame and a
sophiscated suspension which ensure first class ridding and handling performances.

This beast on the road boasts of blackened competent including radiator cowls, rear mudguard rails, airbox cover, fork protectors and mirrors. Commanding a big road presence, the blacked out engine and chassis ancillaries go hand in hand with the physical side to produce a bike that is menacing as well as interesting to look at.

The big daddy of motorbikes weighs in with 367 kgs that takes muscle and huge amount of leverage to bring about, but will still happily cut corners if you dare to push it to the extreme. Don’t get intimated by its astronomical specs, this mean machine costing Rs 21,29,560 ex showroom (Nerw Delhi), is as solid as a moving iceberg-firm yet ridiculously mobile. The Triumph rocket IH Roadster leaves you with a comfortable confidence and comforts you
with its ubiquitous road presence. 

Trimph recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of the production of Rocket III, by offering 500 limited editions units across the world of which only 15 of the Rocket X were made available in India.

Enjoy the ride.
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