Venetian Princess – A Roberto Coin Fairytale Collection


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Be carried back to times of yore with the Venetian Princess Collection from Roberto Coin. Enchantingly vintage and emanating magic, these exquisite pieces are every girls dream come true Roberto Coin is famous for their handcrafted Italian fine jewelry. The company that is named after jewelry designer Roberto Coin was founded in 1977, in Italy’s Vicenza, the location where 20 percent of Italian jewelry is made.Their ornaments are exceptionally designed and impeccably crafted, says Priyanka Sippy

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Roberto coins signs each piece of jewelry with a small ruby hidden in the inside of each creation. As the designer himself so aptly said, “ The ruby is a romantic way to wish the best to all the people wearing my pieces.” The mark of Vicenza, Italy and the hidden ruby prove the authenticity of a Roberto Coin creation.

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Infused with the magical charm of Venice and the romance it radiates, the Venetian Princess Collection by the master jeweler is an irresistible treasure. A secret tale from the hidden alleyways of Venice, lit only by lanterns that spell mystery and romance. The jewels and diamonds are set in patterns that are inspired by decorations on the ancient palaces in Venice, taking the wearer back to an era of romance and splendor. The iconic weave of gold threads that are the characteristic design in the Princess Collection, accentuate the hidden secrets in the pattern.

With the entire range of pendants, rings, earring, bracelets and necklaces to choose from, the collection is magnificent. In 18k rose gold, white gold and yellow gold, the selection promises to be tough! White diamonds and black diamonds make these pieces of art quite priceless.

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Take a trip through the brilliance of diamonds, distinguished gold workmanship and all of the hues of gemstones with these unforgettable creations. If able, do so in the hospitable, graceful surroundings of a Roberto Coin Store.