Vintage Art – Hermosa Design Studio’s Exquisitely Designed Furniture


Vintage furniture never fails to enthrall and has an uncanny way of making a statement. Retro is the way to go when you design your home and EE came across some really fashionable pieces from Hermosa Design Studio’s latest collection. Their retro style definitely makes the cut.

hermosa design studio


hermosa design studio

With a beautiful range of furniture crafted with wood and acacia, you are spoilt for choice. The wooden texture and graphic pattern adds a timeless appeal to the pieces, one that is sure to stand the test of time.

hermosa design studio

The collection seeks inspiration from prints and patterns from the 1960s and 1970s era, with a modern twist. Give your space a vintage touch with ease by adding a side table in your bedroom or a storage unit that can perfectly blend with your existing decor.

hermosa design studio

For the formal living area, Hèrmosa offers statement furniture pieces that are asymmetrical, bold and available in an array of quirky prints.  Coffee tables that feature quirky touches with two legs perpendicular, while the third one stands inclined, make for a charming addition to any space.

hermosa design studiohermosa designe sudio Hermosa’s unique pieces are just what your home needs for that unique touch of elegance and warmth. Home is where the heart is and Hermosa Design Studio understands that perfectly.



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