Walk The Edge – Lidia Bersani


Walk the edge with The Exquisite Edge. This time we take you through La Belle, with the Diva of enchanted spaces-Lidia Bersani.
Whether it is yachts or the interiors of a home, for Lidia Bersani, each project is a challenge that transforms any living space into an artistic dream.
Recognised widely for her use of natural fur, crystals, pearls and gold as embellishments, along with light colours, Lidia tells EE like it is.
Designing luxury interiors for clients the world over and working out of Monte Carlo, Monaco. Does it get any better? The answer is in the rhetoric. And Lidia Bersani tells Priyanka Sippy why.


 “La Belle” was a real challenge. The design is very complicated and complex. I had to learn a lot about technical aspects of luxury mega yachts.

EE What has been your biggest project so far?
LB- The biggest is the yacht “La Belle”. If we speak about the value of this yacht, it is the biggest project so far. The luxury mega motor yacht,was designed for a lady. The focus in my new collections for ladies, especially fashion new collection, this Mega Yacht is part of it.

EE- What is the reason you use only colours ranging from white to beige?
LB-The ivory, off-white, cream, beige and a bit of gold – this composition is characteristic in all my designs. First of all I love these colours and all combinations of them, Secondly they are the colours, which everybody consciously or subconsciously likes. They are timeless, and always fashionable. Like your gold ring with the brilliant. Or,the wedding dress of your dreams. We never get weary of these colors. Especially in interiors this colour createsan ambience which is cozy, warm and feminineand makes you feel very relaxed and happy. Some of my best friends facetiously speak about my 50 shades of beige.

EE- What are the challenges you faced when designing a yacht?

LB-To create yacht “La Belle” – was a real challenge. The design is very complicated and complex. I had to learn a lot about technical aspects of luxury mega yachts, but it was a really interesting experience.

EE- How did you decide to set up your design business in Monaco?
LB-Monaco is an amazing place. I can combine work and a feeling of permanent holidays. During summer: beach, sailing, beautiful weather, great nature. During winter: moderate climate, sea, mountains and ski. You can never feel tired here. Monaco makes you very energetic and active. And the other side; it is a very cosmopolitan place, with a lot of important international events, a meeting place for different people and cultures. For me it is the perfect place for my business and for living.

EE- Besides designing, what are your other passions/hobbies?

LB-I am an artist with a romantic character. Besides designing I paint, I read a lot. I love music and flowers, both of them are always around me. I spend a lot of time, in solitude,, in my garden in my Italian house around beautiful plants, listening to my favourite concerts. But my biggest passion is designing.

EE- Do you travel often for work?
LB-Quite often. I have clients in different places in the world.

EE- Which is your favourite city and why?

LB-I am not a fan of big cities, I prefer smaller, cozy places. But speaking of cities I do like Paris. I like the ambience which you find there. I love Paris in May, when all chestnuts are blooming, it is the time I love best to be there. It looks so beautiful. The architecture,the history to be surrounded by flowering greenery. And I like the artistic spirit of this city, full of young talented artists – for me it is an amazing and magical place.

EE- How long did it take you from start to finish?
LB-The design of La Belle took me a lot of time, almost 6 months.

EE- Do you have a dedicated design team that works with you?
LB Of course. My entire design team work very hard with me.

EE- Have you ever been to India? Have you ever had an Indian client? If not, are you looking to target Indian clientele?



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